Among A Boy's Happiest Sense Of Wonders....

Updated: Jul 5

It is a little after dusk, in the hamlet of Saint Paul’s, on the Island of Saint Kitts, a little boy is holding on to his grandma’s frock and peering through the window of the one-room shack and listening to the rhythmic rain beating down on the galvanize roof -- I say to you that there is no medication that can put you to sleep like that beat. Moreover, the feeling of love that the boy had for his grandma then and now could not be articulated, even if he had swallowed dictionaries… but it showed in his brown eyes. Grandma lived to be ninety-two and all that I am, through Christ Jesus, that is ‘good,’ is because of her. I tell you a mystery that at age 54, the Lord Blessed my wife and I with a healthy little girl, Atarah, and lo and behold, she is the spitting image of grandma, even with a 'special mark' that grandma had -- O, the sense of humor of the Living God. What did The Apostle Paul wrote in Colossians 1-16: Everything seen/unseen was made by Christ Jesus before He came in the flesh… Him painting without references. To help flesh out this musing, I have used the green-eye soul of Van Morrison's, A Sense of Wonder... so, drill down and while you listen ponder your sense of wonders.

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