There are some relationships that need to permanently social distant

Updated: Jan 21

It really doesn’t matter what you want to call it, Quarantine, Social Separation, solitude, etc. The Most intuitive people will use this time to re-evaluate much of what their lives have become, I know I am. Most of us will look at the time we spent endlessly working on meaningless things and investing in those things and perhaps some of those items are relationships that don’t bear fruit. We will evaluate the people and purposes that are more important. I know my perspective has changed and it needed to change but the sad thing is that it took the Pandemic for me to reevaluate. I’m not going to beat myself up too badly. But I will admit the change needed to come. Some of the relationships we have perhaps have been misaligned, meaning they were in a greater place of priority over others, Maybe they are not as important as we thought they were. I know I have come to that realization. I am not saying that I love my beautiful wife to be any less but I have realized that I love my creator more and he is the one that created me to be in a relationship with him first and everyone else second, and third, I know you’ll get the picture. If I place the creator in the proper position then all of the other relationships will fall in alignment and there would be a great success. I say all of this to ultimately make this one point… No relationship is greater than the one you can have with the being that knows all about you, everything that you are and can become is from the genius of His creative prowess. As I’ve said before my successes all stem from this very thing I am stating right now. The ultimate goal is to love God and love your friends and neighbors. Be kind to everyone, give honor to whom it’s due, don’t think of yourself more highly than others. Seek to understand our differences and similarities. Try to be a positive impact on humanity. Use this time, not as downtime but a time of evaluation. There are some of our relationships that need to be socially distant permanently. Make the assessment and adjust accordingly. Until next time.

Regards Wayne

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