They Are Covering For Hillary Clinton

Perhaps, an oxymoron is in order... have you heard the 'sonic-boom silence' of the corrupt media/fake news on their efforts of not reporting that Secretary-of-State Clinton spied on President Trump's campaign, and even as he sat as President? I am a lawyer by schooling, and I swear that in reading our vaunted Constitution that the 'spying' alleged is tantamount to Treason! Incidentally, this alleged charge of spying came from Special Counsel, John Durham, who is a Democrat... once again, President Trump was proven right when he said that he was spied on all those years ago.... You wait and see when it comes out too how politicians on either side of the political aisle -- beholden to China and the Deep State -- worked with domestic/foreign operatives to steal the 2020 Presidential elections. Like all my musings, I have fleshed this one out with the music/lyrics of Donovan's Season-of-The-Witch. So, drill down into the hyperlinks to follow and enjoy.

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