Wayne's Crypto Journey

Updated: Feb 17


I have always wanted to share my experiences in an effort to do some of the heavy lifting for my family, friends, followers and now you who I am welcoming you into my experiences as family. I want to use the skills that God has given me to help as many people as I can. I am a follower of Jesus Christ first and foremost. That relationship is the foundation of all of my experiences, success and failures. I want to use this blog titled Wayne Crypto Journey to help my family, remember we are family! Let me Introduce myself to those who are unfamiliar, my name is Wayne T. Richards I will be your guide on this journey.

Remember this is not financial advise I am simply sharing and simplifying not only my experience in the Crypto space but my overall experiences attempting to build wealth. I have decided to speak to my audience as often as I can about these experienves. I have decided to share my interest and my journey.

Now I want to utilize this blog sharing with you how I did it. As I said before, the Crypto space is the only place I know that an enormous amount of wealth can be created with small nominal investments, It is possible and many have achieved this. I just want to be clear it is not the norm that these things happen, this is not an overnight event but we are going to employ stratergies that I and others have used. You are more than welcome to employ them on your journey. It’s my desire for those who see the value in this space have an opportunity to step out of the boat and immerse themselves in a life changing opportunity, in mt opinion. Remember again this is not financial advice, I am not a a licensed financal adviser I am simply showing you what I did.

My first endeavor was to open an account. I opened that account on my iPhone with Crypto.com and Coinbase, both apps are available on Iphone and Android app stores, I have also provided links below . I went to the app store and downloaded the app associated with both companies. I did this to have a level redundancy. You don't have to do this but this is what I did. The first link is Coin-base the second will be Crypto.com https://www.coinbase.com/join/richar_r3a0?src=ios-link Crypto.com https://crypto.com/app/zqr2e3gupk

I used these apps to establish my trading accounts, went through the security and verification process where you will provide copies of your state I.D or passport. I then attached to my credit and debit cards and purchased my first coin. That coin was Shiba Inu since then I have purchased and traded in and out of close to 30 coins and tokens.

These exchanges like Crypto.com and Coin-base the two apps I started on are what is considered a Centralized Exchange. The benefit of these kinds of exchanges is the ease of use. you can simply add money to your accounts and trade, buy, sell and then even transfer the profits into your checking account, Its that easy. As we build this conversation the goal is move us from novice to expert.

I wan't us to have a dialogue about our experiences, It is a excellent oppertunity to get into and develope a wealth generating vehicle. Keep in mind we are really in the infancy or ground floor of these oppertunities so there is lot to learn and I want to help you avoid the mistakes ive made. We are going to have a weekly discussion on this topic and Im going to need your help to make this engaging.

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