Adam Clayton Powell Inheritance Project

Research Questions

The goal of my project is to introduce people of color through the Adam Clayton Powell Inheritance Project to transactional Real Estate to bring economic stability into our community by creating ownership opportunities, passive income, and therefore, creating generational wealth.

Biblical/Spiritual Research and Analysis Question:

How do we create a scalable duplicable program that teaches the creation of sustainable generational wealth using transactional Real Estate to acquire long-lasting passive income?

Can we teach people who have not been traditionally or experientially exposed to commercial real estate ownership everything they need to become successful in the industry and therefore create sponsorship opportunities that will produce income opportunities and will hopefully become a tradition of that individual teaching these crafts to offspring and family members.  The Adam Clayton Powell Inheritance Project’s goal is to create generational wealth for people of color.

In my purssuit for a biblical foundation for what I was about to embark on I wantd to see what the scriptures had to say about the what role justice plays in developing wealth, both personal and generational. 

Proverbs 13:22 KJV

“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, But the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.

The scriptures always associate wealth with land and livestock,  I believe it is directly associated with God’s original creative act and sustained by Godself using the resources God has given humanity a stewardship responsibility to be fruitful and multiply and also take dominion.

Social/Political/Economic (Ethical) Analysis and Research Question:

We did not anticipate the Pandemic nor do we know exactly how the world moving forward will be? Will we ever return what we knew as normal? We now know that there has been an evolution of every business plan and practice, our lives as we know it, and how we do business, healthcare, and education, how we worship, relate, and have relationships with businesses, friends, family, associates have also changed.  Saying all that as dismal as the economic landscape is to most, visionaries can extract the most of this situation just like the Sons of Issachar. The Sons of Issachar were astute in understanding the times and were also mighty warriors.  I drew references to them as in the climate of Covide-19, as we aim to create a program that will always take into consideration the current economic times and seasons. Moving forward it will take greater attention to current and anticipated situations that affect the economy so we can always position ourselves to be on the cusp of the next trend. 

Federal funds rate is the target interest rate set by the FOMC at which commercial banks borrow and lend their excess reserves to each other overnight.”

“The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the monetary policy-making body of the Federal Reserve System, meets eight times a year to set the federal funds rate.”

I cited these two statements to draw attention to the favorable banking rates that are available to bank to bank transactions.  If we distill the numbers down even further and if the market  continues on the current trend it would be advantageous, as we currently experience rates as low as“2.374%.”This indicates favorable rates and greater buying power as the cost of money is at a historical low.

-Economic analysis

The economic markets are favorable for those who are positioned by having all the requisite qualifications which are addressed in the program to analyze, acquire, and take possession of income-producing properties in strategic sectors. 

1.In order to even enter the ball game and discuss with any seriousness about the possibility of being a viable candidate, one’s creditworthiness must be addressed.

2. Address credit challenges, Instruct on the nuances, and loopholes in credit repair.

3. Teach Financial Stewardship and fiscal responsibility.

Once these phases are completed then comes the implementation of the program’s objective.

This is necessary because statistics indicate  many people of color are not adept at money management and often have bad credit. This leaves them at a disadvantage in attempting to embark on the acquisition of commercial properties. Although there are programs that take financial deficits into consideration when purchasing residential properties, especially a first time home buyer there are no such programs that exist in the commercial arena.  Therefore one must meet the criteria set forth by the industry which we address in this program..  Listed below are steps we take to address these issues.

1.In order to even enter the ball game and discuss with any seriousness about the possibility of being a viable candidate, one’s creditworthiness must be addressed.

2. Address credit challenges, Instruct on the nuances, and loopholes in credit repair.

3. Teach Financial Stewardship and fiscal responsibility.

4. Property analysis 

5. Execution of the plan and build a portfolio of properties building and generating passive income, that can be used as a generational wealth building tool.

Technical/Historical Analysis and Research Question:

If we go back to the Antebellum times, we know that the only relations that people of color had with real estate was mostly cleaning them… without owning them  due to our little benefit and oftentimes living in abject poverty, due to slavery.  History tells us that real estate was one of the economic engines of the early American experiment.  America, not a perfect nation, needs much more work in the area of equitable treatment of all people, manifested in some of the 2020 with civil unrest, pandemic, economic downturn we are currently living through.

The relationship to real estate that most people of color have currently is paying rent in a rental property for their families. “According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the nation’s homeownership rate fell from 66.2 percent in 2000 to 64.2 percent in 2017, but overall it has varied little since 1960”. When these numbers are further distilled it’s even more discouraging. According to Statista “African Americans as a whole, only 44.7% own a home compared to Hispanics where 48.9% own homes, and our white counterparts have a 73.7% ownership rate of homes.” This example was used to show the exponential correlation using residential real estate statistics

From a technical point of view we have traversed a very different but equally challenging time only reminiscent to the 2008 financial crash.  The goal and what we have started to lay is the foundations of the five major components to get this program established.  I have personally executed the credit portion of the vetting process as I have mentioned earlier not only am I the facilitator of this experiment I am the first of many that will experience the benefits of the Adam Clayton Powell inheritance project.  Experience is a good teacher, I have experienced the other phases of the program and will have final execution of all 5 phases of the program shortly. This will allow us to establish this program not just in theory or the testimony of others but replicable proof and protocols that are effective.