Limitless Possibilities

“The poorest man in the world is a man without a dream.”

Myles Munroe



About Me

Wayne T. Richards Mdiv. Dmin. candidate has more than a decade of experience as a highly effective executive and communicator.  He is an avid writer in the theological community as well as matters of politics and family issues. As a speaker, Wayne is a sought after motivational speaker.  Since graduating from New York Theological Seminary in 2019, where Wayne served as President of the Student Association; Wayne has transitioned to things that have a greater impact on humanity, spiritual issues, and God’s way message and the development of young black men. The Goal is the liberation of incarcerated soul and inspiration to succeed and overcome.  Wayne has a love for humanity and wants to see every individual recognize their God-given value and the ability to achieve their dreams. Wayne is the founder and content creator of Deliverance Chronicles T.V, One Minute Motivation YouTube channels.  He has leveraged his business and 5 years of first-hand prison experience to help develop a re-entry program designed to provide important life skills to inmates and to ensure a smooth and successful reintegration back into their communities. Wayne’s goal is to inspire souls one at a time to dream big and achieve proportionately. 


Motivational Speaking

Available to speak to audiences of all sizes 

Churches, Schools, Prisons, Corporate.

Events of all sizes.  My message is one of redemption.

The source of my message is a Judeo Christian World view.

It has been the authority that has changed my life.

 from a formerly incarcerated individual to a reformer, a scholar, minister

a purveyor of hope and redemption. From a menace to a messenger of change



Daily Inspiration

In this season of fear and adversity 

one has to be ab le to pull strength from somewhere 

we have provided a tool of daily inspiration designed 

to help us all overcome despair and adversity.

This daily blast to your email or device will keep your perspective 

on overcoming regardless of the factors.  They will inspire you to your next victory.


Content that will enlighten your day. This content will provide the perspective and thoughts of the world’s most successful people. 

They emanate from Ministry, they are titans of business, athletes and the 

halls of academia.  This will give you a perspective of some of the world’s

biggest overcomers and their words. 


Weekly written content concerning 

topics that would interest those who are 

looking to rise to their full potential. 

I’m hoping these blogs will incite urgency, 

the will inspire the champions in you and guide you

to the full manifestation of dreams and your goals.

We are overcomers and no mountain is too high to climb.

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