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About Wayne

Dr. Wayne T Richards 

Dr. Wayne T. Richards is a respected authority in the field of wellness and personal development. With a passion for helping individuals unleash their full potential and live an extraordinary life, Dr. Richards has dedicated his career to empowering others and guiding them towards personal and professional transformation.


With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Richards offers a unique and holistic approach to personal growth, combining principles from psychology, spirituality, and practical wisdom. Through his website,, he shares valuable insights, practical strategies, and powerful techniques that can help individuals achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life.


Dr. Richards holds a doctorate in Ministry and has spent years studying various methodologies and techniques for personal development, including mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology. He believes in the power of self-awareness and provides readers with tools to navigate life's challenges, manage stress, and cultivate a resilient mindset.


Through his engaging and thought-provoking blog posts, online courses, and coaching services, Dr. Richards has touched the lives of many individuals, helping them find their purpose, unleash their inner power, and create meaningful and lasting change. His warm and compassionate approach, coupled with his expertise, makes him a trusted resource for those seeking personal growth and transformation.


Whether you're looking to cultivate a positive mindset, improve your relationships, enhance your well-being, or achieve your goals, Dr. Wayne T. Richards is committed to supporting you on your journey. 

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His story is truly one of from prison to praise.  Dr. Wayne grew up in church, the Assemblies of God demolition. When he was no longer forced to go to church anymore he chose to go the way of the world.  That got him in trouble with the law.  Dr. Wayne was incarcerated at the Federal Penitentiary at Lewisburg for 60 months.  This is where God really got a hold of his heart. That's when he decided to wholeheartedly follow Christ. After his incarceration and subsequent release, he enrolled and earned a Mdiv and subsequently his Dmin from New York Theological Seminary and received the credentials that secured the foundational credibility of his Ministry.


Wayne T Richards
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